Please select one of the services listed below to learn how to prepare for your time at the Spa.

* Tanning in California is permitted to any person 18 years of age or older with a valid ID.
* Please inform any of our wonderful staff members of any medication or skin issues you may have.

Shower and exfoliation is your first step to prepare your skin for any Sunbed use, indoor tanning products are applied prior to your session and keep the skin hydrated to ensure the best development of melanin and longevity of you color. There are many lotions to help with countless skin concerns or levels of darkness. Hydration after tanning is important to keep your skin protected and moisturized so to ensure future ease of tanning and longevity. Check out our products section for ideas and recommendations.
The tanning process takes a full 24 hours to peak. We recommend coming only once every 24 hours so that no overexposure occurs. Our rooms are fully enclosed so wearing swim or undergarments is solely based upon preference. Using accessories or spf is recommended on lighter areas during your first few sessions.
Showering after a Sunbed use is not necessary nor will it stop the development of a tan. Hydration is key and showers do remove skin moisture, make sure you are using a tanning extender or moisturizer after tanning.
Shower and exfoliation is your first step to prepare your skin for any spray tan, we recommend you shave and use a loofah. Any abrasive exfoliants should be used no more than 3 days prior to your session unless you are using a specific Sunless exfoliant or wash.
Wear or bring looser fitting, darker clothes to your session. You may have the option for immediate cosmetic color which can transfer onto clothes and washes off after your first shower.

Be prepared to wait 6-8 hours to shower to allow full color to develop. We have treatments to help minimize this time. Ask our staff about your options.

Hydrating your skin with specific sunless products will extend the life of your tan and help it fade more naturally. Excessive shaving, showering, exercising or swimming can reduce the amount of time you have your gorgeous glow.

Many clients take advantage of “double dipping”, using a sunbed session first to intensify the results of your sunless tan. this leads to a deeper, more beautiful tan. Talk more with one of our specialists to see if this option would be good for you.

*Airbrushes are by appointment only
You must be 18 or older to use FIT Body Wrap

Drink plenty of water, we recommend at least 8oz before your session, 8oz during your session and 8oz after your session. We provide complimentary water service.

We recommend loose clothes for after your session and undergarments can be worn but are not recommended.

FIT Body Wrap sessions may be done every 48 hours.

FIT booster spray is required for your session, with its propriety blend of ingredients, you will not achieve the best results without it.

*FIT Body Wrap is by appointment only
We provide face wash for your convenience, but you can come with a freshly washed face.

We carry California Tans Restored products to help your body produce collagen and elastin while using Lumiere. They can be used at home twice daily along with the machine use at salon. We have other brands, as well as being able to order a specific brand you may like.

We recommend you take a multi vitamin daily to help provide the nutrients your body needs to produce more collagen and elastin.

Lumiere can be done every day for the first two weeks, every other day after and as little as once a month to keep your body producing after you achieve your desired results.

*Lumiere is by appointment only